Zespół Tańca Ludowego "Swojacy" działa przy wsparciu finansowym firmy WEKO Polska Sp. z o.o. z Moszczanki oraz Miejsko-Gminnego Ośrodka Kultury w Raszkowie.
Folk Dance Group "Swojacy"
The Folk Dance Group „Swojacy” was created in September 2007 in close contact with The Association for the Development and Cooperation of the Villages Moszczanka and Skrzebowa. Since February 2008 the Group has been funded by the Culture Centre in Raszków. However, the Association still helps the Group by gaining funds for costumes, workshops, trips, etc. The main sponsor of the Group is the company WEKO Poland ltd in Moszczanka.

The Group meets twice a week at the fire station in Moszczanka. In addition, during winter and summer holidays, trips with dance workshops are organized. ”Swojacy” perform more or less twenty times a year. In 2011 they performed in Ostrów Wielkopolski at the contest “The Dance Magic”, where they won the second prize. They also took part in XII European Days of Folk Culture in Częstochowa and in II International Folk Bands Competition in Jabłkowo. The group organizes “Homely Meetings with Folklore”, whose first session took place in May this year. In July last year “Swojacy” went on their first tour abroad and they performed in Dourges, France.

The Band consists of two age groups (the younger at the primary school age, and the older at the junior and high school age). The are about 60 members altogether. Children and teenagers perform dances from the region of Great Poland and the region of Biskupizna, as well as Cracov dances, Lublin dances, Silesia dances, the so-called grape picking dance from Zielona Góra, polonaise, and polka dance. They also perform the traditional harvest ceremony from the region of Great Poland. The group wears traditional costumes of the region of Great Poland (the region of Biskupizna and Szamotuły), Lublin and Cracov costumes as well as the traditional costumes of the Polish gentry.

The trainer and choreographer of the Group is Jolanta Marszał, telephone number +48 506 099 419.

Contact: skrzebowa@osw.pl

Photo by Piotr Walendowski.


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